Chemical peel is a face procedure of controlled destruction of the outmost layer of skin followed by inflamatory process and microscopic necrosis. Process of healing is subtle contraction of renewed skin with wanted reduction of irregularities and wrinkles. It is usually done after facelifting.

Chemical peels of different intensity are performed at medical centers. Light peels are very popular. Several light peels usually achieve the results of deeper peels with less risk and faster healing of scars.

Fine wrinkling around mouth, forehead and cheeks, acne scars and blemishes can be reduced.

Surgical Procedure and Anesthesia:
Intravenous sedation or topical anesthesia. Special gel is applied over the whole face for few minutes to one hour, until the neutralization is done. Sunscreen must be used.

Post Surgical Recovery:
After healing skin is thin and less elastic. Loss of pigmentation is inevitable, sun exposure is forbidden for few months, make-up can be applied. Skin sensitivity lasts for several days. Tape is removed after two days. Face can be washed after five days, but redness will be gradually reduced for two months. Sun exposure is strictly forbidden for several weeks and sunscreen has to be used.
Rare Complications:
Loss of skin, scars and contractions.