Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery should be perceived seriously, therefore we recommend you to consider each fact and to receive all the answers to the questions of your interest before the final decision. The best you can do is to talk to the specialist.

You may ask any questions by e-mail:    or by phone: +381 11 761-4275           or  +381 11 762-0010 from 9a.m.- 5p.m. Monday-Friday.

Before asking any questions, please reffer to the F.A.Q. giving answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Clinic ”011” is located in the very center of the capital of Yugoslavia, a hundred meters from the tallest building on the Balkan Peninsular –Beogradjanka, in the beautiful street with kind and above all professional staff who cherish the tradition and values of Belgrade for generations.

Clinic is located:
Admirala Geprata 13, 

+381 11  761-4275
+381 11  762-0010
+381 63  82-72-174
+381 64  11-69-059

This page offers you information on directions to the clinic:
- Map with detail 



  Approximate time for recovery after some of the surgical procedures

Augmentation (of breasts) 2-3 days
- Mastopexy (breast lift) 4-5 days
- Reduction of breast 4-5 days
- Facelifting 2-4 days
- Liposuction 5 days
Abdominoplasty 3-5 days


  Distance from:

20-25 minutes from the international airport "Nikola Tesla",
- 2-3 minutes from the General international and local Railway and Bus station
5-10 minutes from recreational complex “Ada” - on the lake in the city
- In the vicinity of trade and shopping center of the city.